Monday, 26 April 2010

Silly Blogger

I've lost all the blogs I'm following which is pretty irritating as I had about 20 on there, and I can't remember them all but I did read them all periodically, bumholes.

And also because Blogger is having a silly five minutes I haven't been able to thank Kate O for commenting on my last post, it means a lot that someone has my (albeit virtual) back! I'll try to make more of an effort to blog as I know that I have a few followers so I'll try to be more interesting and less whingy!

Although, can I just get this whinge off my chest. ARGH SCARLETT! She drives me so insane sometimes, and I know she doesn't do it on purpose and underneath it all I love her to pieces but mragh she annoyed me today, and I don't even know why. I think I was in a bad mood, I had to take today off which means I didn't get any work done that I needed to and I had mental period pain all day (oh woe is me!)

She's got a cold and was just generally pretty grumpy and bored because I couldn't/didn't want to take her out. I have two problems, an anger problem and a confidence problem, probably both stemming from my weight problem. I got 99 of them, shall I continue?!

But anyway, tomorrow I think I'm going to take her to a park, then see if I can find a good duck pond to feed the ducks and then the library before coming home for lunch and a nap (she'll have the nap, I might do!)

What else has everyone else been up to? In other news I'm dreaming of a French summer holiday (which I can't see happening), a big car (which I DEFINITELY can't see happening) and some pretty vintage dresses (which might happen if I can be arsed to trawl through eBay).

My sister took some vintage inspired shots of me the other day which was fun, but it turns out I can't pose for shit and I really need to lose weight! Will see what the result is, I was hoping it would help her out in her new business venture in terms of promo, but I don't think it will, I think she was a bit pissed off by it all. Oh dear.


  1. hun, the blogs come back! Mine disappeared but they came back!!

  2. oh! a girl whose blog I follow had some larger vintage dresses for sale dead cheap, let me get you the link: some might be sold but you should see what she has left!

  3. Ah she must have sold them all. I think I might have to splash out on an Able Grable (though not sure if they can custom make it to my size) or a Big Beautiful Barbara Brown.

    Or I just need to go on a major diet...!


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