Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hottest day of the year

I hate it when these claims get touted on the news and weather and suchlike and everyone goes around spouting it like the Gospel. Boring!

I have my reasons for hating this 'hottest day of the year' nonsense, mainly because of my physique. I have this paranoia that people think fat people smell. Right. So because I'm fat, I'm paranoid that people think I smell. Which more than likely isn't the case, but I'm still paranoid about it. So I've just applied some perfume rather liberally, the only problem now is that I'm sitting at my desk with the fan on, and I think the perfume particles are being blown into my face because my eyes are stinging! Hahaha, fail! Either that or it's the triple layer of hairspray I just applied to my ailing quiff. Is quiff even the right word? Should it be a pomp?

Andy got paid yesterday, which was nice. I've been feeling giddy all morning with thoughts of a new car seat for Scarlett and having my own wardrobe, how sad. I told my friend earlier that Ikea furniture turned me on, which is probably very true. My bedroom is actually all Ikea, everything, and I'm not joking!

I've been busy all morning at work, clearly nothing gets done in my absence despite me giving someone the heads up that I was off.... Thanks for nothing! I know they have their own job to do but honestly, I've come back to such a mess! I need to crack on really but just thought I'd drop by. Can't even remember what my point was, I had a point earlier.

Just out of interest, does anybody have any good recommendations for a bank; I think Andy and I are going to get a joint bank account for food and household bills. How domesticated.

EDIT: Have just changed my layout, how much better does that feel? More room to moan!

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