Friday, 29 January 2010


Hmm, so all of a sudden, things have gotten a little crazy.

We found out a week ago that Andy's mum had been awarded full NHS funding for a nursing care place. This is great news. Although she'll have to have a review in 3 months time, it means that for the timebeing at least, she can go to an excellent home and not have to pay. We have been warned that if the NHS funding stops, we'll have to foot the bill, etc etc, but yknow what, she's paid her taxes and her National Insurance, so quite honestly, whilst the NHS are paying, she's going to the best home in the borough, why the fuck not? That sounds harsh perhaps, but she bloody deserves some decent care for the first time since she had her strokes.

I'm still waiting to hear whether I have been shortlisted for the secondment role. I can only assume I will be shortlisted, as there were only 2 other applicants. One doesn't pose a threat, one really really does and I am going to have to pull it out of my ass to get this job. I need it, I want it, it's a great opportunity, please, anyone who reads, fingers crossed.

Also, bizarrely, Andy has been offered a job by my uncle. My uncle is a loss adjuster. My uncle is a perfectly decent bloke, so I should see it from the other side, but everyone hates insurance people. It's basically just to be my uncles assisstant, typing up reports, sending emails, answering phones etc etc. But they're prepared to be TOTALLY flexible. Which is great. We'll have about £300 a month left over if we get a mortgage, so our combined salary would pay the mortgage, household bills, phone bills, tv/phone/internet bill, car insurance, petrol, food and nursery for Scarlett and we'dd still have a little bit to save/spend. Which isn't a lot, but trust me, compated to what we have now, that is a lot!

So he's going in for a day at the end of February to see how he likes it, although quite honestly, it's a job, so he's going to like it, like it or not!! Am sure it'll be fine, and it'll be good for him to get out of the house, away from his mum, away from Scarlett and start living like a grown up. He's 27 and he's never had a real job, the only job he's had was as a cleaner at the University (he says it was the Uni, the one where I work, I think it was actually the offices next to the Uni....!)

But am worried for Scarlett. She's going to have to go to nursery. Potentially full time ish, spread over two nurseries and a day with my mum. So am looking at nurseries, which is scary. And boy do they cost money. Unfortunately, the uni nursery is pretty over subscribed, so we're unlikely to get her in there, which would only be £80 for the two days we need. Then another £40 for the shorter day nursery. It all adds up. I can only begin to dread how much private nurseries want to charge, probably £80 a day!!

Am so excited. Now if we could just get the house in his name, get the mortgage and sort out a second car, we'd be absolutely laughing. How did this year go from being potentially shit, the same as the others, to being pretty good, in the space of a week?! Am waiting for the fall....

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