Friday, 21 May 2010

On the hop

Just a quick one, haven't really got much to report at all. Same old same old. We got cut off (as we do every month) so no internets at home until, umm, no idea, might not be until next Wednesday at the earliest, booo!

The weather is really hotting up here at the moment, we're set for a lovely weekend, they're prediciting 27C on Sunday which will be nice. Although, we have to do major sort out in the garden, multiple tip runs, it sort of got used as the dumping ground when we were decorating so it's all a total bloody mess out there. Wonder if we'll get the old sofa into the Kangoo? I doubt it.

Anyway, will leave you with a picture from my new camera, it's about the only half decent one I've taken since I got it. Must get back on the case with photography. I must.

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