Sunday, 16 May 2010

What way to write off a day

Some pictures from last night, I am drunk in all of them.

So have been 'hanging', as my sister would say, all day today. God knows how I managed to get myself out of bed, showered, walked the 15 minutes to where we'd left the car last night (we were running late, don't judge me) and got to Tesco to get the paper, chocolate croissants and paracetamol by 9:30am. Jeez, it's horrible having a 2 year old when you have a hangover.

Speaking of whom, she's in bed, she was put in bed at 6pm because she didn't eat any dinner and threw her cup of water on the floor, naughty bubby. I made Andy actually follow through on his threat of, "Straight to bed" this time because normally he says it, then backs down straight away!

Anyway, last night was great. I drank probably 9 or 10 cocktails, I really lost count, they were just put in front of me. God knows how we stumbled from Detroit in Covent Garden to Bodean's in Soho (such a birthday tradition of mine, get drunk, go to Bodean's). Fuck that place is good, I haven't been in so long, was disappointed to discover they don't give you gherkins anymore on the side of your plate. Felt a bit bad for my my friend G, he's on a vegetarian bet with his brother and dutifully ate a giant Macaroni Cheese whilst the rest of us stuffed our faces with Pulled Pork and slow cooked beef (Burnt Ends). It's great in there, I could rant about it all day, it's like, lush. And the waiter was cute (big guy).

(Andy just asked, "What are you doing?" "Just blogging dear." "I'll blog you." Charming)

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