Monday, 17 May 2010


So tired. I came up to bed an hour ago, I'm still here because Scarlett really isn't well and is doing the usual toddler thing of just crying uncontrollably. I want to get mad at her, it's so frustrating, but I feel so bad for her, she really gets herself into a state, then she'll suddenly conk out, then as you put her back in her cot, she wakes up and start bawling again - ooohh soo tired!

Today was nice, not what I had planned, but turned out to our advantage. We went to Croydon to look around the shops - god what an eye opener that town is - jeeez! I sort of wish we had gone to Kingston but oh well.

Came home, blew out the candles on my giant Millie's cookie, got Scarlett to bed and had take away Pizza Express. We were going to go to the restaurant to eat, but a combination of a broken printer (no 2for1 voucher for us then) and a screaming, tired, brattish toddler meant we gave it a miss. And I'm glad we did, it was a flippin nightmare in there, so busy and noisy, we wouldn't have been able to hear ourselves think let alone have a conversation with each other! So we had it at home, on our rickety dining table and mismatching chairs!

I only got one present this year, but what a present! A Panasonic Lumix camera from Andy - woooweeee! So pleased with it. Will try and take some proper pictures and stuff, I might even get back to doing my photo a day blog! Ha! And the cutest little turquoise neoprene case for it too. Bless him. My parents gave me money, so I bought some new sunglasses and a Ruby & Millie eyeliner (the best!) and I also won £3 on the scratchcards my aunt gave me and some money from my grandparents. Not sure what I'll put that towards though.

Anyway, I am bloody knackered now, so I shall retire and post some pics tomorrow.


  1. hun I can't believe I havent seen you online ALL DAY to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had a great day... but pizza express and cookies sound brilliant to me! Speak tomorrow hopefully xxx

  2. WE GOT CUT OFF OVERNIGHT!! I only have t'internets at work now!


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