Friday, 7 May 2010

Hung like a donkey

So, there's a hung parliament in the UK. Most of my readers are UK based, how does this make you feel? I'm not sure I care and to be honest, I'm probably one of the few people who actually is quite pleased at the prospect of a Lib Dem/Conservative coalition. I've been raised a bit of a Tory so it's just normal for me to align with them, I guess I probably don't really know why it's such a problem, why is it a problem? What's wrong with the Tories?!

I wanted to vote Tory but obviously in Sutton and Cheam we had all that nonsense with Phillippa Stroud and the gay demon banishing nonsense and generally she was exposed as being an Evangelical nut and that just didn't sit right with me so I kind of didn't get a chance to have my Tory vote, I just voted Lib Dem as they were the current seat holders any way so, what difference did it make? But, had we had a 'nice' Tory candidate, more people might have voted for them, and the Tories would've had at least one more seat because there wasn't exactly a huge majority for the Lib Dems.

Yeah, that's right, I like the Tories, I don't care, whatever, what difference does it bloody make? It's just a voting preference, it's not like saying you support the BNP for crying out loud! Jesus!

Sorry, I get really bloody annoyed by it, I hate people thinking I'm a bad person just because I vote Tory. But I didn't vote Tory, I wanted to vote Tory and I didn't because the Tory candidate was weird so I didn't vote for her.

So really, it's not about policies really for me, it's just about hating Gordon Brown and not liking other people's personalities, hence why I didn't vote for Stroud, because I thought she was just plain weird.

And yes, Cameron is a smarm but he's different, he's more bloody interesting than Brown. Let's be fair, all of them would fuck it up, whatever you do as PM you're never going to please everyone so who gives a fuck whether it's Cameron or Brown or bloody Screaming Lord Sutch (yes, I know he's dead but like, yknow what I'm saying right, it doesn't make a difference!)

Sorry, this got ever so political and I didn't mean it to be, am just having a general rant.

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