Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Might post another thing later, but here is a run down of my birthday so far:

Bad Birthday: Having to use kitchen roll this morning as Andy refused to stop somewhere on his way in last night and get some toilet roll.

Good Birthday: Scarlett went to Nursery without complaint (yes, I know, mean mummy, sending her daughter to Nursery instead of dragging her round the shops...)

Bad Birthday: Not having any money in my account to treat myself to breakfast.

Good Birthday: Having £4; exactly enough to buy toilet roll, bleach and Cilit Bang. (quite why this constitutes good birthday, I don't know, but it was nice to get the toilet roll at least!)

Bad Birthday: Having to clean the bathroom on my Birthday.

Good Birthday: Finding out Andy filled the car up with petrol (at least, I hope he did, I hope it's not just a mirage!)

Good Birthday: Dancing round the lounge to Edith Piaf and the Beastie Boys.

Right then, am off to finish cleaning then have a nice shower in my nice clean bath!


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