Wednesday, 12 May 2010

To, shy shy, hush hush, eye to eye

I really wanted to do a mammoth photo posting today but I just feel really tired and run down, my throat is killing me - can ulcers on your tongue give you a sore throat? Whatever it is, it's hurting, it's all sort of sinuses, my ears were all weird yesterday and now my throat feels like its closing up, coupled with the ulcers on my tongue - god, I'm falling apart and having a jolly good whinge like a sinking ship.

I'll maybe post some bits on Flickr (it's a bit quicker) and post a link or something.

I've been chatting a lot to a lady at work about social networking and stuff for the Students (I think it needs to be incorporated into the new Student intranet) and I just laugh at how public and open all my things are. You could type my name (or alias) into Google and it would probably throw up reams of stuff! It just made me think of that, "I'll post a link to Flickr", like literally the whole world could know my entire life - this lady at work said that really scares her, I think I'm too far gone for it to scare me any more. Do any of you worry about that?!


  1. Nah, not really. I'm a teacher so I make sure that everything about me on the internet is labelled under 'Kate O Potato', rather than my real name (except facebook of course, but that's set to private). I think I managed to find myself once in a google search, and that was just on the minutes of a university meeting! It helps that there was an American writer with my name, so I'm sort of drowned out in all the poetry if you google me :)

    Anyway, more importantly lady, get yourself to the doctors! The sooner you get yourself checked out, the sooner you'll feel better. In the meantime, get lots of vitamin c, lots of sleep and try not to stress. I find that a mug of honey and lemon (one teaspoon manuka honey, half a lemon squeezed and hot water) perks me right up when I'm feeling grim.

    Look after yourself x

  2. Are you and my friend Nermin the same person? She said exactly the same thing, I've never even heard of manuka honey (how uncultured am I?!)

    I probably should go to the doctors, I put it off because I have too much experience of them telling me everything is because I'm overweight...

  3. scarlett looks so big in that picture! hope you feel better soon! x


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