Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Adverse Weather

I'll give you adverse weather you silly man. Am referring to the silly health and safety man at my work, he is silly. He updates us on the snow situation every week, but he's just so anal about it it really winds me up! Like, last week, it was chaos, but he was all like, "The University is open as normal." Well no mate, this isn't normal! Ugh!

Seem to be in a bad mood again (what's new?!) Went to Body Combat lastnight, managed to stump up the motivation to go at about 7:05 (The class starts at 7:30!). Am now feeling like crap, at one point, I really thought we were going to be sick. It's really hard, lastnight I just failed on so many moves, it's ridiculous, I just look in the mirror and go, "Um, yeah, you look fucking stupid," then I have to laugh to stop myself from crying! Have been for 3 weeks, have worn 3 different pairs of trainers each week, all hurt my feet, all make at least one part of my foot go to sleep, not sure what I'm doing wrong. The last pair I bought were these: Nike_Zoom_Essential but even they hurt my feet which was a bit crap.

Anyway, I need to go and scan exams now so will have to post again later or something, although, I don't really have too much more to say, do I ever?!

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