Thursday, 21 January 2010

Argh Eyebrows!

Sorry, random title, just realised that I think I'm having my eyebrows done tonight but I cannot remember what time, as per usual!! I'm rubbish. Last time I was sitting at home, just got Scarlett to bed when the salon called and I was like, oh shit I'm so sorry and had to go racing down there to get them done.

It's funny really, am quite obsessed with my eyebrows, they join in the middle, sign of a murderer or something as people took great delight in telling me at school. So since I was about 14 I've had them waxed. I did them myself for a while, and didn't do too badly. I've been to numerous salons over the years. I've found one in Worcester Park (It's not hard, for a small high street, Worcester Park has about 8 hairdressers, 4 of which do beauty treatments!) and she's pretty good. I flirted with another salon for a while, but actually, they turned out to be crap and the swanky salon was a facade. The girl I go to now is quite good, neat and tidy every time even if her salon is very small. Bless her.

In other news. It was payday today. Love how I typed 'was' there and not 'is'. Mainly because it's all kinda ear marked for bills and stuff. I might be able to get myself some gym clothes or something but probably not much else, and especially not my iPhone : ( This does make me very very sad that I can't buy it this month, booo!

Anyway, am waiting for a call from a solicitor to discuss our options in relation to Andy's house. Hopefully she can give us an idea of cost too. It's all so stressful, me and Andy argue nightly about it. Ugh!

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