Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Start?

Had the sudden urge to blog. Have been doing the photo a day thing pretty successfully for 14 days now, have only missed one, but I had the urge the purge and no photo to accompany said purge.

Have had to delete a few posts; I comment on another blog, and some dick decided it was totally okay to take my rantings (which as all PROPER bloggers know, is the whole point of a blog) and use them against me. He doesn't know me, he's a cunt, if you're reading, you're a cunt and you take shit photos so fuck you!

And now, I can't even remember the point of me wanting to write something down. What the fuck was it. Oh yeah, I really want to do a Subversive Cross Stitch, hadn't even heard of it until just now when I was reading someone else's blog. Then realised it was what another friend had been talking about and has completed but I had no idea what it was. Think it's rather amusing, may have to purchase one when I get paid next week.

Andy's been waiting for our new tumble dryer to be delivered today, it was meant to arrive by 1pm. It's not 2pm and I haven't heard from him to say it's there, bastards!

Scarlett seems to be having tantrums on a pretty regular basis now, I've been at home until today, so have witnessed her really throwing some good ones at us. I think the key is to walk away and ignore, is that the best thing?!

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