Monday, 18 January 2010

Bit of a letdown

So, the big assessment due today didn't seem to go quite as we'd hoped. I don't know the full details as yet, but I have a pain in my chest which tells me I don't feel good about it already, actually might be sick, I've been so nervous but it just all seems to have been for nothing.

All MiL can do is feed herself if something is put in front of her and she has control of her bowels (but only just). On every other level she can't do anything. But it seems even that isn't bad enough for her to get full NHS funding. Which sucks a bit, because if she had been eligible, things would have started moving really quickly. But now I feel like we're at the back of the queue.

Which is crap and sucks for her as much as us, she's just really not getting the quality of care that she deserves and needs. Apparently, she's not complex enough. Words fail me sometimes, they're almost failing me now, but for christ's sake! I guess because her needs aren't affecting her health, she doesn't fall into the correct category. So ignore the fact she can't do anything for herself, which is a burden on everyone else, because it's not a health risk, it's 'okay', which I suppose I get, I hate it, but I understand it.

Oh by the way, Cunt-who-likes-to-take-my-words-out-of-context, if you're reading this, you really can go fuck yourself this time, you have no idea what it's like for us living with her sometimes, just no idea. This blog is for me to vent, if it offends, well piss off, I need an outlet and this is it, so don't you dare come around here telling me what's right and wrong, we all say things in the heat of the moment that we don't necessarily mean, as I said before, most bloggers use their blogs to vent and it's pretty damn fucking rude for people to then go onto other blogs and use those ventings against the original blogger. Comprende?!

For anyone nice who does read this blog, you are most welcome, it pains me sometimes to have to say these things in 'public' but at the same time, what is blogging for anyway if not to share your lives with others (not to have your life taken out of context). Sometimes it'd just be nice to know I'm not alone, or someone feels my pain, or I'm not being a total bitch (which mostly I am but we'll ignore that bit...!)

So close yet so far...

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