Thursday, 14 January 2010

Police Helicopter as entertainment for a 2 year old...

I called my grandparents this evening. Something I don't do often enough really, but felt we should as they sent Andy a card for his Birthday last week. So my grandmum asks me how Scarlett is and I said, oh getting to the terrible twos. And she proceeded to tell me a story of the time she ordered a police helicopter to keep me entertained....

My mum had gone to work so my grandmum had come over to look after me. She took me out for a walk in my pushchair and when she returned, found herself having great trouble with the lock on the front door. She then saw the curtain twitching inside the house (the house was empty, mum and dad at work). So she managed to find a neighbour to call the police for her as she was certain the house was being burgled.

Within minutes the house was surrounded and a police helicopter was circling over head. I obviously found this greatly exciting as a 2 year old! The police got in and searched the place and concluded that the house looked as though it had been turned over.

When relaying this story to my mum on the phone she confirmed it all. She could hear the police helicopter from her workplace and had no idea of it's significance. She also stated that the house hadn't been turned over, it was just always that messy.

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